Information on the enrolment


Information prior to the enrolment regarding the access and admission

The recommended entry profile would be the one of a student from baccalaureate (in the scientific or technological field) who has passed the University Access Test (PAU) or of a Higher Technician who has studied in the high level of vocational training (CSFP) of the scientific or sanitary branches. Similarly, university graduated students with a scientific-technical profile could enter. The Bachelor’s Degree in Biology requires student to have certain capabilities, knowledges and personal features to ease their adaptation to the studies.

Therefore, future students of Biology should:

  • Have a wide knowledge in the basic sciences: physics, chemistry, maths and biology. It is recommended to have certain knowledge in Geology and knowledge of the English language, at least at a passive level.
  • Communicate adequately in an oral and written way.
  • Be interested in the topics related with nature and be curious about life beings and their vital processes, as well as worry about the environmental problems.
  • Be able to observe and analyse, motivated for the field and laboratory work, disciplined for studying and be an active part in the teaching-learning process, careering about quality and motivated by the fulfilment of goals.

As detailed in the CIUG web page any person fulfilling any of the following requirements can access the official university degrees of the Galician University System (SUG):

  1. To have passed the ABAU test established in the Royal Decree Law 5/2016 of December 9, of urgent measures to enlarge the implementation calendar of the Organic Law 8/2013 of December, 9.
  2. To have passed the test PAU established in the RD 1892/2008, of November 14, or according to the previous regulations, to have any of the following certificates and degrees:
    • Baccalaureate diploma related with the articles 37 and 50.2 of the Organic Law 2/2006, of May 3, of Education.
    • Baccalaureate diploma established in the Organic Law 1/1990, of October 3, of General Organisation of the Education System.
    • Supporting certificate of having passed the University Orientation Course.
    • Supporting certificate of having passed the pre-university course.
    • Any other certificate declared equivalent by the Education Ministry, to these effects, to the Baccalaureate diploma regulated by the Organic Law 2/2006, of May 3, of Education.
    • Certificate standardised to the Spanish Baccalaureate diploma for students from foreign educative systems
  3. To full fill the requirements demanded for the university access in the European Union states members or of other states with which Spain has signed international agreements in this subject, according to what it is referred in the article 38.5 of the Organic Law 2/2006, of May 3, of Education.
  4. To have passed the admission test to the university for people over 25, included in the 25th additional provision to the Organic Law 6/2001, of December 21, of Universities, or to have passed, on the Galician University System, following the previous regulations.
  5. To have passed the test to the university for people over 45, included in the article 42.2 in the Organic Law 6/2001, of December 21, of Universities, included in the Organic Law 4/2007, of April 12.
  6. To have a certificate as higher technician in vocational training, plastic arts and design or higher technician in sports, as included in the articles 44, 53 and 65 of the Organic Law 2/2006, of May 3, on Education, or equivalent qualifications.
  7. To have an official university bachelor’s degree, a degree corresponding to the previous regulations on university (three-year degree, five-year degree, engineering, etc.), or equivalent qualifications.
  8. To fulfil the requirements to access to the university according to the educative regulations before the RD 1892/2008, of November 14, not foreseen in the previous sections.

The entry into force of the Organic Law for the Improvements in the Education Quality modifies the access and entry requirements for the official bachelor’s degrees from the Baccalaureate certificate or equivalents established in the article 38 of the Organic Law 2/2006 of May 3, on Education, and introduces the 33rd and 36th additional provisions which respectively define the access for those in who are in possession of the European and International Bachelor diplomas and for students from European Union member states, or other from states with which international agreements have been reached, and in the access from the qualifications of Higher Technician and Higher Technician in Sports, and for students with a certificate, diploma or degree obtained or developed in foreign countries, equivalent to the Baccalaureate diploma.

According to the new Organic Law 8/2013, of December 9, the access to the Bachelor’s Degree in Biology will follow the provisions of the Minister, the Autonomous Community of Galicia, through the CIUG, and to what the development of the regulation of the University of Vigo provides.

Direct recognition charts for Basic Education and Compulsory subjects in the Bachelor’s Degrees in the universities of the Galician University System.

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