The new study plan implementation should be carried out if possible simultaneously for all the degree years during the 2021-22 academic year. To conclude this, the following was taken into consideration:

  • The new study plan does not mean the elimination of any of the existing subjects, which eases the adaptation to a new context
  • New subjects included in the study plan arise from the reorganisation of existing subjects, without significantly affecting their content
  • For new subjects which do not currently exists, there are enough teaching staff and material resources to ensure its implementation within the deadlines.


Adaptation from existing degrees

Adaptations by whole years:
Students who have passed the three first years of the current bachelor’s degree can start directly in the 4th year of the degree.

Adaptations in unfinished years:
For basic, compulsory and optional subjects, there is a adaptation chart detailed by subjects

Consult the adaptation procedure among the different studies.