The general objective of this degree is to provide students with an education which enables them to exercise the Biologist regulated profession. The graduated students will have achieved the skills on organisation, analyse and synthesis necessary to provide quality services to citizens, through critical thinking and continuous learning.

From these, the following objectives for the Bachelor’s Degree in Biology arise:

  • Provide Biology students with a solid and balanced base of updated knowledges and practical skills which enable them to understand the biology diversity and the functioning of the living being and their relation with the environment surrounding them.
  • Develop in students the skills to apply their theoretical and practical knowledge to specific problems related with Biology and its applications, specially in new health fields, industry and its productive systems, or environment and new technologies.
  • Develop in students the autonomous skills of learning and full competences to develop the biologist profession.
  • Foster the investigative spirit as a mean to contribute the scientific and technical progress and use this knowledge to solve the problems from the socio-economic environment and from the general society.