Strategic Procedures

Strategic direction (DE)

Code Procedure Approval
DE-01 P1 Planning and strategic development 21/07/2022
DE-02 Monitoring and measuring 04/12/2023
DE-03 P1 Revision of the system by the management 20/02/2015


Management of the quality and continuous improvement (MC)

Code Procedure Approval
MC-02 P1 Management of complaints, suggestions and congratulations 20/02/2015
MC-05 P1 Stakeholders satisfaction measurement 21/12/2020


Key Procedures

Academic management (AC)

Code Procedure Approval
AC-0104 P1 Access and admission 22/07/2016
AC-0201 P1 Enrolment 22/07/2016
AC-0401 P1 Delivery of official titles 22/07/2016


Teaching (DO)

Code Procedure Approval
DO-0101 Design, verification, modification and accreditation of the degrees 04/12/2023
DO-0102 Monitoring and improvement of the degrees 04/12/2023
DO-0103 P1 Suspension and expiration of a degree 21/05/2013
DO-0201 P1 Planning and development of teaching 25/09/2017
DO-0202 P1 Promotion of the degrees 21/05/2013
DO-0203 P1 Student Orientation and attention to students with specific needs of educational support 08/07/2021
DO-0204 P1 External Academic Internships Management 21/05/2013
DO-0205 P1 Management of mobility 21/05/2013
DO-0301 P1 Public information and accountability 21/12/2020


Support procedures

Staff management (PE)

Code Procedure Approval
PE-01 P1 Management of PAS 25/09/2017
PE-02 Management of PDI 04/12/2023


Documentary management (XD)

Code Procedure Approval
XD-01 Control of documents and registers 04/12/2023


Management of the infrastructure (IA)

Code Procedure Approval
IA-01 Management of material resources 20/12/2019