The Delegate Committees advise and carry out studies about specific items proposed to the Faculty Board, having the right to propose solutions and/or adopt relevant resolutions.

All the Committees have been updated and ratified during the Faculty Board meeting on 23 October 2018.


The Delegate Committees of the Faculty of Biology are the following:


Name Position
Mercedes Gallardo Medina (Dean) President
Emilio Gil Martín (Secretary) Secretary
Pilar Molist García (Dept. C01) Teaching and Research Staff (PDI) Member
Josefa Garrido González (Dept. C04) PDI Member (civil servant).
Armando Caballero Rúa (Dept. C03) PDI Member (civil servant).
Esther Barreal Modroño (Dept. C02) PDI Member (non civil servant).
Montserrat Pestaña Nieto Administration and Services Staff Member
Jesús Nicolás Díaz Barbosa Student Council Member
Adrián Melón Raña Student Council Member


The Permanent Committee has the following competences:

  • To assess, assist and propose solutions to those issues that the Dean or the Faculty Board submits to its consideration.
  • To decide on issues of routine or on those that the Faculty delegates on its role. If any of the members consider that the issue is not a matter of routine, the Faculty board has to deal with the issue.


Name Position
Emilio Gil Martín (Secretary; Dean’s delegate) President
Luis González Rodríguez PDI Member
Angel Pérez Diz PDI Member
Carmen Sieiro Vázquez PDI Member
Eduardo Gallardo Ortega PAS Member
Iván Outomuro Mariño Student Council Member
Laura Blanco Lemos Student Council Member


The Teaching and Validation Committee has the following functions:

  • To act as a mediator in order to solve problems in all matters relating to reaching.
  • Propoñer á Xunta de Facultade o calendario de exames oficiais.
  • To ensure that both schedules and theoretical and practical contents in the different subjects taught at the Faculty, are in accordance with the current study plans, in collaboration with the coordinators of the year.
  • To establish, in collaboration with the coordinators of the course, a communication channel between the teaching staff for the planning and the development of the teaching.
  • To inform about the partial validation requests of studies to the Faculty Board for processing at the Government Committee.
  • Informar sobre as solicitudes de validación parcial de estudos á Xunta de Facultade, para ser tramitadas á Comisión de Goberno.
  • Any other function related to teaching, in case it is competence of the Faculty Board and this one delegates to the Committee.


Name Position
Mercedes Gallardo Medina (Dean) Committee coordinator
Jesús M. Míguez Miramontes (Deputy Dean) Secretary
Luis González Rodríguez PDI Member
Manuel Megías Pacheco PDI Member
Fuencisla Mariño Callejo PDI Member
Paloma Morán Martínez PDI Member
Adrián Melón Raña Student Council Member
Sara Isabel Fernández Pazos Student Council Member


The End-of-degree Project Committee has the following functions:

  • To manage all the process related to the End-of-degree Project.
  • To ensure the effective application of the regulations of the Faculty of Vigo and of the general regulations of the University of Vigo.


Name Position
Manuel Ángel Pombal Diego (Deputy Dean; Dean’s delegate) President
María Luisa Castro Cerceda PDI Member
Nuria Pedrol Bonjoch PDI Member
Montserrat Pestaña Nieto PAS Member
Daniel Diz Torrado Student Council Member
Ana Rodríguez Fernández Student Council Member
Sara Vila Almuíña Student Council Member


The Cultural Activities Committee has the following functions:

  • To coordinate and promote any type of activity linked to the culture and leisure. This is aimed to the University community and the society.
  • To coordinate the management of the budget allocated to these activities or other issues related to this committee.

They make concrete functions of the academic area and they are regulated by specific university normatives for the function they have to carry out..

Degree Clearing Committee

Name Position
Mercedes Gallardo Medina (Decano) President
Manuel Ángel Pombal Diego PDI Member – Incumbent 1
Isabel Pardo Gamundi PDI Member – Incumbent 2
Castor Muñoz Sobrino PDI Member – Incumbent 3
Jesús M. Míguez Miramontes PDI Member – Deputy 1
Josefa Garrido González PDI Member – Deputy 2
José Faro Rivas PDI Member – Deputy 3
Xena del Carmen Pérez Alonso Student Council Member – Incumbent
David Rocha Grandal Student Council Member – Deputy 1

The Degree Clearing Committee has the following functions:

  • To accomplish the clearing evaluation process of the students of the Degree in Biology following the instructions established for this procedure by the Vice rectory for students.


Court awarding the Extraordinary End of the Degree Awards
(named by the Faculty Board on October 23, 2018)

President: Armando Caballero Rúa
Secretary: Castor Muñoz Sobrino
Spokeperson: Pilar Molist García