Research is an important activity in the Faculty of Biology. The research activity is carried out by different research groups integrated by researchers working in different fields of biology.

The research groups involved in the centre are:

Code Group name
BB1 Molecular biomarkers
BC2 Neurolam
BEV1 Environmental agrobiology
BV8 Biotechnology and Reproductive Biology in Woody Species
BV10 Plants Ecology and Evolution
ByCIAMA Biotechnology and Quality in Agrifood Industries and Environment
CI8 Neurochemistry Laboratory
FB2 Fishes physiology
FB3/A Neuroscience Laboratory
FB3/B Endocrinology Laboratory
IN1 Immunology
XB2 Population Genetics and Cytogenetics
XB4 Evolutionary Genetics of Fish and Molluscs
XB5 Phylogeny
XM-3 Basin analysis