This website pretends to welcome you at the Faculty of Biology, therefore, on behalf of all the members of this community, I give you a very warm welcome. Our aim is to introduce ourselves as a educational and research centre adapted to the current times, dynamic, innovative and strategic, keeping our peculiarities and trying to improve our teaching and research quality levels.

The Faculty of Biology teaches specialised undergraduate studies and several Master’s degrees related to biology. The Undergraduate Degree of Biology is focused on the professional preparation linked to life sciences, currently enjoying a high social demand. This faculty offers several Master’s degrees for those undergraduates who want more specialization in the field of Biology, for example: Aquaculture, Advanced Biotechnology, Marine Biology, Neuroscience, Genomics and Genetics, Terrestrial Biodiversity and the Master’s degree in Teaching Training. Many of the students who apply for these degrees belong to this University, however there are also students who come from other universities, both national and foreign. These Master’s degrees help them to improve their professional expectations.

Research is one of the fundamental pillars of the Faculty of Biology, and one of the reasons why it has gained prestige since its creation. The research groups of the faculty develop numerous projects at the highest level and give rise to a large number of doctoral theses that allow education to highly qualified researchers. The scientific activity is complemented by a variety of doctoral programs in the biology field, which are offered by the University of Vigo and, largely developed in our laboratories and research facilities.

To effectively fulfill the teaching and investigative function, the faculty has a large staff of specialised professors and technical administrative support staff, which along with the large amount of laboratories and classrooms are a high quality environment for the education of our students. In addition, students will find permanent tutorial support and a wide variety of extracurricular activities. All this responds to the conviction that university education must be full, facilitating the acquisition and consolidation of human values, the critical thinking and open- mindedness, ultimately, seeking our graduates to become better people. With the desire to go along through the path of continuous improvement, I encourage all the visitors of this website to feel part of our faculty, contributing with your suggestions in order to make us better every day.

Finally, I would like to point out that the Faculty of Biology has received a certification seal of quality from the Agency for Quality Assurance in the Galicia University System, which guarantees a standard in the education of our students, as well as the acquisition of competences that ease their professional future as biologists.


Best regards,

Mercedes Gallardo Medina

Dean of the Faculty