Position Name
President Sabela Cordeiro Vidal
Secretary Sara Isabel Fernández Pazos
Under-secretary Roi López Luengo
Treasurer Alejandro Honorato González Vázquez
Under- treasurer Iván Outomuro Mariño

Student Delegation Statutes
Students Guide 2019/2020



The duties of the Student Delegation are:

  • Be a communication channel among students and the Dean Team or Teaching Staff
  • Achieve better services of information and resources for students, in grants and in any other aspect related with the degree.
  • Promote the courses and credit recognition, as well as the achievement of support to ease students learning.
  • Contribute to the development of cultural activities in the faculty, both from the delegation itself and from the centre.


Student Delegation


Short Story Competition 2021
Logos competition 2021


Students Delegation

Biology corridor (B Block)
986 818 735
Biology Delegation “Lynn Margullis”