The End-of-Degree Project has as objective that the students implement the knowledges and the competences and abilities acquired during their education.

It is the execution of a project related to one of the multiple areas of the laboral world for a biologist, always under the supervision of an academic tutor. It will be made in the laboratories of the Faculty or in companies and other external institutions that have an educational cooperation agreement.

The End-of-Degree Project will be presented through a written memory and it will be defended orally in front of the corresponding committee.

Bachelor’s Degree Final Project Regulation


End-of-degree Project 2022/2023





Step Deadline
First Application proposal EDP Type A From 05/09/2022 to 30/09/2022
Proposal Form EDP Type A
First Application proposal EDP Type B
First Application proposal EDP Type C (agreed)
First Application proposal EDP Type D (mobility)
From 05/09/2022 to 11/11/2022
Request Form EDP Type B
Request Form EDP Type C
Request Form EDP Type D
Publication of the proposals EDP Type A From 03/10/2022 to 12/10/2022
List of proposals EDP Type A
Allocation application EDP Type A From 17/10/2022 to 24/10/2022
Request Form EDP Type A
Definitive allocation of EDP Type A, B and C



Call Defense application Deposit Defense
End of Degree 04-11/11/2022 11/11/2022 17-18/11/2022
February 09-16/02/2023 16/02/2023 22-24/02/2023
June 07-14/06/2023 14/06/2023 20-21/06/2023
July 06-13/07/2023 13/07/2023 20-21/07/2023

More information in dates and TFG presentations norms.


End-of-Degree Project Coordinator

Jesús M. Miguez Miramontes
+34 986 812 386