The implementation calendar was proposed by taking into account the autonomic regulation: “General lines for the implementation of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in the GUS”, as well as the human and material resources in the Faculty of Biology. The extinction of the five-year degree in Biology took place progressively year after year, proving students, once each year was extinct, with 6 opportunities to pass in the 3 following years.

Studies to be extinct: five-year degree in Biology, taught in the Faculty of Biology of the University of Vigo.

Year Bachelor’s degree implementation Bachelor’s degree modalities implementation
1st year 2009/10
2nd year 2010/11
3rd year 2011/12
4th year 2012/13
5th year 2013/14

Adaptation from existing degrees

The Faculty of Biology suggests the following mechanism to incorporate students from the five-year degree in Biology study plan:

Adaptation by whole years:
it is suggested that students who have passed the three first years of the five-year degree can get straight into the 4th year of the Bachelor’s Degree.

Adaptations in unfinished years:
for optional subjects, it is suggested to recognise up to 30 ECTS credits from optional subjects in the five-year degree by 30 ECTS optional subject credits, given by the Teaching and Validations committee.
For basic and compulsory subjects, the following adaptations by subjects is suggested, which will be reviewed and pass, if correspond, by the Teaching and Validations Committee:

Passed subject
five-year plan
Recognised subject
bachelor’s degree plan
Botany I Botany I: Algae and fungi
Botany II Botany II: Archegonia
Animal and plant histology and cytology Animal and plant histology and cytology
Physics of biological processes Physics of biological processes
Mathematics Mathematics applied to Biology
Soil Science Soil, aquatic environment and climate
Chemistry Chemistry applied to Biology
Zoology Zoology I: Non-arthropod invertebrates
Geology Geology
Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology I Basic laboratory techniques
Zoology, Botanic I and Botanic II Basic field techniques
Introduction to physical anthropology Evolution
Biostatistics Biostatistics
Biochemistry Biochemistry I
Animal Physiology I Animal Physiology I
Microbiology I Microbiology I
Animal Microscopic Organography Animal and plant histology and cytology II
Parasitology or Introduction to History of Immunology Immunology and parasitology
General Genetics Genetics I
Biochemistry enhancement Biochemistry II
Chordates Zoology II: Arthropods invertebrates and chordates
Ecology I Ecology I
Ecology II Ecology II
Animal Physiology II Animal Physiology II
Plant Physiology Plant Physiology
Microbiology II Microbiology II
Population and Evolutionary Genetics Genetics II
Animal Physiology II and Plant Physiology Advanced techniques in biology
Plant Growth and Development Plant Physiology II