Quality Committee

The Quality Committee of the Faculty of Biology is a collegiate body that supervises and promotes the different systems and processes related to Quality (Quality Management System, evaluation processes, monitoring process of qualifications…). It also analyses the results and indicators, and plans the improvement measures.

Quality Committee Internal Regulations

According to the Quality Manual, The Quality Committee has the following functions:

  • To review the development of the Quality Management System of the Faculty.
  • To coordinate the annual quality objectives of the faculty and verify their execution.
  • To follow the efficiency of the procedures through the established indicators.
  • To review and approve the implementation of proposals to improve the QMS.
  • To evaluate the results of the satisfaction surveys and to propose possible improvements based on the results.
  • To propose the creation of improvement groups or teams, to take over the resolution of the weaknesses detected in the evaluation process.
Name Status Position
Jesus M. Míguez Miramontes President Dean
Mercedes Gallardo Medina Secretary Quality Coordinator, Equality link
Jose L. Soengas Fernández Vocal Máster in Aquaculture coordinator
Alberto Velando Rodríguez Vocal Máster in Terrestrial Biodiversity coordinator
José Manuel García Estévez Vocal Máster in Marine Biology coordinator
Diana Valverde Pérez Vocal Master in Advanced Biotechnology coordinator
José Antonio Lamas Castro Vocal Máster in Neuroscience coordinator
Josefina Garrido González Vocal Master in Teaching coordinator
Paloma Morán Martínez Vocal Master in Genomics and Genetics coordinator
Manuel Ángel Pombal Diego Vocal Coordinator of mobility and external relations
Pedro Pablo Gallego Veigas Vocal Degree and Master Representative
Raúl Iglesias Blanco Vocal Degree and Master Representative
Carmen Sieiro Vázquez Vocal Degree and Master Representative
María Fariza Novoa Vocal Center administrator
Isabel Caride Fernández Vocal PAS Representative, secretary of students
Manuel Eduardo Gallardo Ortega Vocal PAS Representative, laboratory technician
Pablo Amaro Blanco Vocal Degree student
María Otero Alonso Vocal Degree student
Mauro Rivas Ferreiro Vocal Master student
Sofía Rosendo Lamas Vocal Master student
Antía Verde Rodríguez Vocal PhD student
Daniel Pérez Estévez Vocal Graduate
Jonatan Reboredo Durán Vocal Graduate
José Pelayo Míguez Baños Vocal Society representative, COBG
Maruxa Pérez Vázquez Vocal Society representative, employer
José Miguel Dorribo Rivera Vocal Quality Area