The following chart includes the classrooms and seminar rooms available for lectures and seminars, as well as the number of students per classroom. All these rooms have computer equipments with Internet connection and its own server connected to the faculty network, analog and digital projection systems for multimedia presentations, interactive whiteboards and fixed desks, which in the smaller classrooms have been replaced by individual chairs and tables to make them more versatile and suitable to the teaching activity that is given.

The computer classroom is of multiple use, and allows teachers to give lectures or practical lessons with the computer. These classrooms are at the students’ free disposal, outside the school hours.

The videoconference classrooms have the necessary equipment to make video conferences (nowadays they are used routinely for the teaching of the interuniversity master’s degrees attached to the Faculty).


Name Denominación Location Capacity
Classroom 1 Classroom 1 B Block, Ground Floor 159
Classroom 2 Classroom 2 B Block, Ground Floor 69
Classroom 3 Classroom 3 B Block, Ground Floor 40
Classroom 4 Classroom 4 B Block, Ground Floor 40
Classroom 5 Classroom 5 B Block, Ground Floor 35
Classroom 9 Classroom 9 B Block, Ground Floor 170
Classroom 10 Classroom 10 B Block, Ground Floor 153
Aula Informática Aula Informática 2 B Block, Ground Floor 23
Seminar room 1 Seminar room 1 B Block, Ground Floor 16
Seminar room 2 Seminar room 2 B Block, Ground Floor 25
Seminar room 3 Seminar room 3 B Block, 3rd Floor 30
Seminar room 4 Seminar room 4 B Block, Ground Floor 30
Videoconference Room 1 Classroom 6 B Block, Ground Floor 23
Videoconference Room 2 Classroom 7 B Block, Ground Floor 23
Videoconference Room 3 Classroom 8 B Block, Ground Floor 23


The academic staff that teaches in the Biology Degree is attached to the different Departments. Most of the Departments that collaborate in teaching have their headquarter in the Experimental Sciences Building, but a small minority is based in buildings annexed to the campus of Vigo. The entire teaching staff of the Departments quite often holds meetings that normally take place in the dependences of the own faculty.

Departments list



The Faculty of Biology has a specific meeting room with the necessary furniture and screening equipment. The boardroom is normally used by the teaching staff of the Faculty, although it may also be requested by external staff if they maintain some kind of relation with the centre. In addition, this Faculty has three seminar rooms where frequent meetings of professors from different areas or departments are held.


Offices and Research Laboratories

Professors with teaching in the Degree of Biology have their offices located in the different dependencies of the Building of Experimental Sciences. Many of these offices are placed in central areas designed for this purpose, while in many other cases the offices are inside the laboratories in which the professors also carry out their research activity.

Teaching staff list

The faculty of Biology is endowed with a significant number of research laboratories, where several groups develop projects related to different fields of biology.

There are indicators in the common areas of the Faculty where you can see the location of the teachers’ offices and the laboratories.


Offices and Research Laboratories

The practical lessons taught in the Degree in Biology are mainly developed in the multiple laboratories that the Experimental Sciences Building has. These laboratories have the necessary equipment and the specific instruments in order to respond the needs of each area. Most labs have digital projection systems for multimedia presentations.


Name Denomination Location Capacity
Cell Biology LD1 A Block, Ground Floor 24
Cell Biology LD5 A Block, 2nd Floor 24
Plant Physiology LD3 A Block, 1st Floor 24
Botany LD4 A Block, 1st Floor 24
Animal Physiology LD6 A Block, 2nd Floor 24
Parasitology LD2 A Block, Ground Floor 24
Parasitology LD7 A Block, 3rd Floor 24
Edaphology LD8 A Block, 3rd Floor 24
Microbiology LD9 A Block, 3rd Floor 24
Zoology LD10 B Block, 2nd Floor 24
Zoology LD19 B Block, 2nd Floor 24
Ecology LD11 B Block, 2nd Floor 24
Genetics LD12 B Block, 3rd Floor 24
Biochemistry LD14 C Block, 2nd Floor 24
Geology LD15 C Block, 2nd Floor 24
Physics LD23 C Block, 3rd Floor 24
Chemistry LD1 D Block, Ground Floor 24
Chemistry LD3 D Block, Ground Floor 24

Offices and Laboratories for Teaching

The Faculty of Biology has a computer lab of multiple uses where theoretical and practical lessons are taught. The classroom is equipped with 23 computers with appropriate programmes for the teaching activities. In addition, there is also a computer for the teacher connected to the digital video projector and a interactive whiteboard. All the computers are connected to the faculty server, which eases the management of the installed softwares. In addition to this computer lab of specific use of the Faculty of Biology, the Experimental Sciences Building has other two computer labs that, although they are not managed by the Faculty, they are sometimes used for teaching in the Degree in Biology.

Students can use all the computer labs of this University in periods when there is no teaching activities, always under the supervision and support of the person in charge of the computer lab.

salas de estudio

The students of the Faculty of Biology have several common spaces where they can work in team or study. The library associated with the Experimental Sciences Building has a large hall with 220 individual places for reading and studying, as well as three rooms with a capacity for 24 people, designed for students who work in groups.

Furthermore, students can also use the existing seminar rooms, both for studying and for organising small group meetings. All these rooms are equipped with meeting tables or small modular tables. Students have to ask the deanery for permission in order to use these facilities. There is wifi connection in all the Faculty.


Students of the faculty can easily access to the library services located in two centres:

  1. The Central Library of the Lagoas-Marcosende Campus in Vigo
  2. The Science Library, located in an annexe of the Experimental Sciences Building.

The central Library of the Campus of Vigo offers the following services:

  • Reading rooms to consult the library collections and to study and research. They are equipped with computer equipments and WiFi network.
  • Equipment for reproducing documents defending the intellectual property rights legislation.
  • A catalogue of the library collection accessible on the Internet to locate all the books and resources attached to the collections, to suggest the purchase of new books, to renew items on loan and to search the recommended reading in the teaching programmes.
  • Services to access the bibliographic collections: home loan, intercampus loan and reading in the library facilities.
  • Remote inquiry of electronic resources hired by the Library: database, electronic journals, electronic books, internet portals, etc.
  • Interlibrary Loan: to locate and obtain documents that are not available at the Library.
  • Guidance and training to use the Library and its resources.
  • Advice on searching and locating information.
  • Specialised and customised bibliographic and documentary information.
  • The use of the libraries by non-members of the University community, as authorised users.

By the end of July 2012 the online catalogue of public access to the University Library was composed of:

  • 372.276 bibliographic records
  • 596.964 monographies
  • 8.865 titles of serial publications (paper format)
  • 4.178 full text electronic journals
  • 2.045 journal abstracts in electronic format
  • 542 summaries of electronic journals
  • 116.667 electronic books
  • 388 web resources (websites, portals…)

Furthermore, the catalogue includes a total of 19.135 records of journal articles, book chapters and conference proceedings written by the University of Vigo’s PDI. 8.835 of these records can be consulted full text. In addition to the catalogue, the Library of the University of Vigo offers access to the electronic journals and books, as well as the online resources and the 48 online database through its website.

The bibliographic resources from the catalogue of the University Library can also be located in other Galician Universities (University of Santiago and University of A Coruña), as well as other Spanish and foreign libraries.


Experimental Sciences Library

It is one of the service points of the University Library, initially located in the building of the Experimental Sciences degrees. Recently, it has been moved to a new building annexed to the main building, therefore it is easily accessible from the interior. The new space has a useful area of 851 m2.

The library has 21.240 monographies and 297 journal collections in paper format. It includes 220 individual spaces for reading, and three rooms to work in team with a capacity for 24 students each. In addition, it offers several services such as: reading rooms to consult the library collections, equipment for reproducing documents, a catalogue of the library collection accessible on the Internet, services to access the bibliographic collections, remote inquiry of electronic resources, interlibrary loan, guidance and training to use the Library and its resources, advice on searching and locating information, specialised and customised bibliographic and documentary information, and the use of the libraries by non-members of the University community, as authorised users.

The students representative council of the degrees of the Faculty have a room of approximately 28 m2 designated as the students delegation. This space is placed next to the teaching rooms, so that the students can easily access to the information they need. This room has the necessary furniture and computer equipment.

Student Delegation

This faculty has several spaces and equipments which support the both the teaching and the centre itself.

The Departments included in the chart are attached to the faculty of Biology and its professors teach most of the degree. In addition, the faculty also has the support of other departments that although they are not attached, they teach some subjects of the Biology degree (consult section in Departments).


The Conference Hall has a capacity for 350 people and the Small Conference Hall (Salón de Grados) for 60 people. They are used to celebrate academic and official events, conferences, film and video series, concerts, meetings of the Governing bodies. These halls have internet connection, a projector, a big screen, audio and video systems and conditioning.


Management Bodies


Name Location
Dean’s office Administrative Block, 1st Floor
Governance Board – Secretary Administrative Block, 1st Floor
Boss of management office Administrative Block, 1st Floor


Name Location
Biochemistry, Genetics and Immunology B Block, 2nd Floor
Functional Biology and Health Sciences B Block, 2nd Floor
Plant Biology and Soil Sciences C Block, 2nd Floor


Name Location
Boardroom Administrative Block, 1st Floor

Conference Halls

Name Location
Conference Hall Hall / Main entrance
Small Conference Hall C Block, 3rd Floor

The next chart shows the services that this faculty offers to its members (students, PDI, PAS):

Name Location
Students Secretary Hall / Main Entrance
Reprography Services Bloque D, Planta Baixa
Cafeteria service/canteen Hall / Main Entrance
Concierge service Hall / Main Entrance

WiFi available in all the facilities