Plan de Prevención COVID-19

Plan de Prevención e Control sanitario fronte á COVID-19 para o curso 2020/2021


Nova normalidade

Volta á actividade presencial


Matrícula en estudos de grao 2020/2021


Campus Remoto

Campus Remoto é o novo servizo que centraliza nun único punto as diversas ferramentas de teledocencia da Universidade de Vigo: FaiTIC, Aulas virtuais “en directo” e Foro do profesorado.

Degree in Biology

Degree in Biology

The Degree in Biology is a degree adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), which gives continuity to previous undergraduate studies of Bachelor’s degree that have been part of the Faculty of Biology since its inception. The main objective of the Degree in Biology is to form biologists with capacity to understand the functioning and behaviour of living beings, their origin and evolution, and their relations with the environment that surrounds them.

In addition to the basic education that any biologist should possess, the Degree in Biology includes a professionalising module with specific orientations in which competences for the application of biological knowledge to the fields of health, industry and productive systems, new technologies and the environment are acquired.

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