Bachelor’s degree in Biology

The Study Programme of the Bachelor’s degree in Biology closed in the academic year 2015-2016; therefore, the teaching of this degree is no longer available.

Brief review

Studies of the Bachelor’s degree in Biology were introduced in the University of Vigo in 1990. From then on, the Bachelor’s degree was supplied with a study plan aimed at the education of graduates in biology (biologists) with the capacity to understand the working and behaviour of living beings, its origin and evolution and its relation with its surroundings.

In the academic year 2001-2002 started the last reformed study plan of the Bachelor’s degree in Biology (Order of 26th July, 2011 of the University of Vigo, BOE 28th August). The study load of this study programme was already valued in credits. Each credit corresponded to 10 hours of theoretical-practical teaching of every subject. In this case, the study load was 322,5 credits distributed in 5 years, so that the first stage was composed by the first three academic years and the second stage by the last two years. Moreover, in the second stage it was allowed to choose an orientation between the three taught in the Faculty of Biology of the University of Vigo:

  • Fundamental and Sanitary Biology.
  • Biotechnology.
  • Organisms and systems.

In 2009, studies in Bachelor’s degree were replaced by the Degree in Biology with a duration of 4 years (240 credits ECTS).

The extinction of the Bachelor’s degree in Biology was made in a progressive way (year by year), so that the teaching activity of the last year of the Bachelor’s degree was in 2013-2014. Since that moment, the students with resit subjects had the right to exam (6 calls in the 3 following academic years) which allowed many of them to finish their studies.

On the other hand, all that time the Faculty had mechanisms which warranted the students with Bachelor’s degree subjects the possibility of adaptation at the studies of the Degree in Biology. The information about this mechanisms of adaptation for Bachelor’s degree students is available in this link.