The Faculty of Biology assumes continuous improvement and quality management as an indispensable requirement to guarantee the satisfaction of all the groups of interest of its educational programmes.

ith this premise and before the implementation of EHEA, the Faculty had already participate in the II National and Quality Plan of the universities in 2002 with external evaluation that issued a report (Evaluation Final Report of the Bachelor’s degree in Biology) that included a series of fortitudes and weaknesses. For these ones were carried out the relevant actions of improvement.

Afterwards and in accordance with R.D. 1393/2007, 29th October, 2007 and the R.D. 861/2010, 2nd July, 2010 (modifying the prior), which establishes the arrangement of official university teaching, all the degrees of the Faculty of Biology are integrated in a Quality Assurance System (SGC) and participates in programmes of Degree’s Verification/Modification, Certification and Monitoring.

On 18th November, 2013, the Agency for Quality of the Galician University System (ACSUG) certificated that the Quality Assurance System of the Faculty of Biology is introduced according to the guidelines established in the programme FIDES-AUDIT (Certificate Nº 3 /13).

The Quality Committee, leaded by the dean of the centre, is the organization in charge of the planning of tasks related to the implementation and monitoring of SGC.