The commitment to quality and constant improvement has been the main point of the faculty, hoping to be a centre of reference in the University and beyond. In order to achieve this challenge, the first Strategic Plan of the Faculty of Biology (2005-07) was designed. This plan established a series of action objectives that allowed for guiding the faculty towards the path of excellence. From the Plan already mentioned also derived our Mission and Vision, which is still the model of our centre, as well as our motto “your success, our success” that is at the head of our promotion plan.

The mission of the Faculty of Biology is the training of Graduates in Biology with current knowledge, autonomous learning capacities and full competence to develop the profession of the biologist.

To this end, it is essential that its teaching and researching staff promote a quality teaching activity and contribute to the creation of knowledge through research, participating in the dissemination of its results and possible applications in the social environment and training new researchers.

The student body has the duty of making an effort to achieve the objectives of the degree, participate in all activities of the degree and its academic management in order to obtain maximum academic efficiency.

The administration and services staff will act as an agent that facilitates the aforementioned tasks, accelerating procedures, maintaining infrastructures and serving as a channel for the development of any activity related to the degree.

The success of these achievements by all interest groups will be the success of the degree.

To fulfil the mission that has been imposed, the Faculty of Biology has defined a series of strategic objectives that, although ambitious, must be achieved in a fixed period and allow its projection into the future.

The vision of the Faculty of Biology can be summarized in the following points:

  • To train biologists and graduates with organizational, planning, analysis and synthesis skills, that can provide quality services to citizens through critical reasoning and continuous learning.
  • To encourage the research spirit to contribute to scientific and technological progress. The transmission of the aforementioned knowledge to the society and the training of new researchers will be the best presentation card.
  • To be a Faculty of reference in the university world, strengthening its position through a policy and objectives aimed at developing the culture of continuous improvement and betting on the quality of its degrees.