Simón Vázquez

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Área de Inmunología
Departamento de Bioquímica, Genética e Inmunología

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Facultad de Biología
Edificio de Ciencias Experimentais
Bloque C, Planta 1, Despacho 34
As Lagoas, Marcosende
36310 Vigo

+34 986 812 625

Breve CV

Dr. Rosana Simón-Vázquez (PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) is an expert in nanomaterials with experience on characterization of structure and dynamics of transport proteins using protein engineering and biophysical techniques. She joined the laboratory of Immunology at the University of Vigo in 2010 and she has studied the activation pathways in cells, and conformational changes in human plasma proteins, both induced by nanoparticles. From May 2014 to April 2016 she joined the group of Particulate and Cellular Engineering for Therapeutic Purposes at the Institut Galien, University of Paris-Sud, as a postdoctoral fellow to work in the synthesis of polymeric nanoparticles for glucocorticoid delivery in rheumatoid arthritis. She is now working in the development of new vaccine prototypes based on nanostructures for preventive and therapeutic purposes.


Perfil docente en UVigo

1º cuatrimestre

Grado en Biología

V02G031V01305 | Inmunología y parasitología
V02G031V01405 | Bioquímica e inmunología clínicas

2º cuatrimestre

Máster Universitario en Biotecnología Avanzada

V02M074V11234 | Diseño de nuevos fármacos específicos (farmacología y farmacogenómica)


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