The Bachelor’s Degree in Biology bases its justification in several reasons put together in the White Book of the Bachelor’s Degree in Biology published by ANECA. Hereafter there are some reasons to be highlighted among those:

  • The Biology science is essential to the human knowledge
  • The steps forward in Biology are necessary for society development
  • There is a big social demand for studies in Biology
  • Graduated students find jobs within the field of the degree
  • The professional field trusts the graduated students from Biology

Biology studies have been part of the Spanish university studies since its implantation in 1952, as the five-year degree in Biological Sciences.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, which started being taught in our university in the year 2009-2010, intends to provide graduated students with a specific training in order to create professionals in the field of Biology. The connection between the university degree and the profession of biologist is reflected in the Spanish legislation which regulates the specific competences for the five-year degree in biology, currently extrapolated to the Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. This degree provides with the necessary knowledges and skills on the living beings’ morphology, systems, structure, function and interaction, as well as on the analyse related with those, both from the teaching and researching point of view, and the applied use of these knowledges. These studies enable to carry out activities related with this degree’s competences.

The university studies in Biology have an international practice due to, on the one hand, the interests arising from basic sciences in the creation and dissemination of knowledge and, on the other, due to the achievements and social changes brought by Biology along the last half century. Because of this, not only in this general context but also in the European one, the decision to continue with this studies is common for all the countries consulted when elaboration of the “White Book of the Bachelor’s Degree in Biology”.

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