Proposed fees for the degree

Fee Value
Graduation Fee The minimum allowable is 50% in 6 years
Dropout rate The maximum allowable is 20% in 6 years
Efficiency rate The minimum allowable is 70% in 6 years
Rate of return The minimum allowable is 70% in 6 years

Progress and results of the students learning

The University of Vigo doesn’t have established any legal procedure, beyond each degree determines in its own teaching evaluation process, for the valuation of the progress and results of students.

The Faculty of Biology will analyse the progress and results of the degree students through three ways:

  • Development of Key Procedures of SGC DO-0201 P1 of Planning and development of teaching and the DE-02 P1 of Monitoring and measuring
  • Desenvolvemento do Management Review Report
  • Desenvolvemento do Bachelor’s Degree Final Project. The elaboration of TFG will be use as degree tool with the aim of evaluating in a global way the students learning. That project will have to contain the knowledge of competences, contents and global procedures of the degree. Therefore, this project will be one of the stipulated procedures for the systematic evaluation of the results.